Are you ready to learn how to hack? Are you trying to get started in cybersecurity? Our PREP Online workshop is an excellent place to start your new career journey. You will learn the fundamentals of networks, systems and python. Create a free account, using the button below, and get a detailed look at the cybersecurity concepts that you will be learning with PREP Online.

PREP Benefits

The base-level skills that you’ll learn in the six-week, PREP Online workshop will provide you with a solid foundation for your cybersecurity career. This workshop is a great way to dip your toe in the water and see what hacking is all about. Read below for some of the best benefits of taking PREP Online.

Foundational Skills

Familiarizing yourself with cybersecurity fundamentals is the best way to learn how to hack. PREP Online features 40 hours of lessons and hands-on labs that will have you well-versed in networks, systems and Python. These three courses will establish a strong foundation for your cybersecurity journey. Passing PREP Online also pre-qualifies you to enroll in one our full-time, immersive, cybersecurity programs.

Taught by Experts

We employ instructors at the top of their game. Cybersecurity has multiple domains, making it impossible for one person to master them all. Our domain experts relate their expertise to the broader field to provide a comprehensive and integrated curriculum. Each PREP Online instructor brings years of cybersecurity experience to the table. You will be learning how to hack from some of the best in the industry.

Hands-on Hacking

Just because this is an online course, doesn’t mean that you’ll just be watching videos. PREP Online features hands-on labs that will have you rolling up your sleeves and digging into industry-applicable cybersecurity concepts. Setting up your hacking playground (virtual machine), deploying a network packet analyzer (Wireshark) and utilizing Python interactive mode are just a few of the labs you’ll be getting hands-on with.


With over 300K job vacancies in the US, it’s a great time to find out if cyber is for you.


To date, we’ve educated 230 students and counting through our on-campus PREP workshop.


The average annual salary of entry-level cybersecurity professionals is 75k per year.


“Each of the teachers were venerable experts in their respective fields; individuals who are industry leaders even outside their roles as teachers at SecureSet Academy.”

—Daniel Lamb, SecureSet Graduate

“If you’re at all curious about cybersecurity or you’re thinking to yourself, ‘I’m tired of my career and I need something new,’ I highly recommend enrolling at SecureSet.”

—Reuben Booker, SecureSet Graduate

“I can guarantee that if you go into cybersecurity, you will never be bored again. It’s an incredibly intellectually stimulating and rewarding career path.”

—PREP Online instructor, ajay Menendez

Why SecureSet?

Every year, the number of vacant cybersecurity positions increases exponentially. With our global network in a vulnerable position, SecureSet has been founded for the purpose of one mission: securing the future. SecureSet Academy provides the most complete, immersive and compressed cybersecurity education programs in the country. Through expert instruction and hands-on learning, you’ll learn how to implement the techniques and technology that is being used in the cybersecurity industry right now. If you have any questions about SecureSet Academy or PREP Online, use the button below to get in contact with a member of the SecureSet team.

Get Prepped

Your first steps into the world of cybersecurity starts right here. Whether you’ve dabbled in computers before, or you have zero experience, PREP Online is the perfect way to kick-off your cybersecurity education. Ready to become a hacker? Click the big button below to start your three FREE lessons.